Psychic Pinto

Psychic Pinto Oracle Deck

"This Oracle is the new 'Rider Waite' for 2012 and beyond. It takes us to a space where we are our own master."

~ Pinto said ~ 

Psychic Pinto Oracle Cards - Limited Edition

Practical & Understandable guidance to any question

* Fast and easy to use.
* Designed by Pinto for our modern Times and troubles, it is a deck for the New World we find ourselves in. Computers, virtual presence, social media etc.
* Limited Edition - Packaged in a beautifully etched wooden box. (Black wood)
* Psychic Pinto is well known for his practical, and "to the point, and direct" answers, to his clients across the globe.

Your purchase consists of:
* 62 Oracle Cards, and Instructions.
* 3 x 2.5ml vials of The Raven's Nest oils with Purpose. Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Essential Oils blend.
(1. Psychic Oil Blend. 2. Sacred Temple Oil Blend. 3. Grounding Oil Blend.)
* 33 Grams of Organic Bath Salt Crystals, enough for one bath. Blended with Organic Herbs, Flowers and Essential Oils.
* Vintage Coin from South Africa included.
* Random fortune cookie message included.* Dimensions of box: 2.75" wide x 1.8" deep x 3.95" long  (7cm wide x 4.5 deep x10cm long)
* Oracle Card size: 1.8" wide x 2.75" high (4.5cm wide x 7cm high)
* Please note that this item is not mass produced. Items therein is patiently packaged by hand. Intended to bring a stylish, yet personalised experience to our clients.

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